Frequently Asked Question - General Enquiry

What payment options do you offer?

Currently you can pay by InterBank Funds Transfer and Cheque.

For Singapore Clients, we recommend Payment through InterBank Funds Transfer or by Cheque.
For InterBank Funds Transfer Payment, we will provide you with our Bank Account Number, and all you need is to transfer the required amount to our Bank Account.

I have just signed up, When my account will be active?
For Inter Bank Funds Transfer Payment, your account will be activated within 12 hours after we received the payment.
For Cheque Payment, it will takes about 3 - 4 days and is largely depend on when we received the cheque. The earlier you sent, the faster we set it up for you.

To ensure proper setup, all new accounts are first reviewed by our staff. You can start using our services as soon as you receive the welcome email. The welcome email contains all your information for accessing your account.

Do you provide Windows2000 /NT based hosting?
No. All plans are linux based.

Can i upgrade my account at any time?
Yes! You can upgrade from a plan to another any time by paying the difference, but we do charge a one time fee of SGD $20 for downgrading.

What happens if I go over my storage quota?
Our system won't let you go over your storage quota.

Is web hosting service included with the domain registration fee?
YES. For more info, please refer to each hosting package details..

How long does it take to get my domain working?
It will take approximatley 24-72 hours before your site becomes visible. It will take a longer time (3 - 7 days) if you are transferring your domain to us.

I've registered my domain somewhere else, how can I use it here?
You simply need to transfer the domain name to us, we will do the rest. You will still be the owner of your domain name. Any other modification need will still need to be approve by the owner.

Can international users purchase your hosting?
Yes we offer our hosting services to customers worldwide.

Is there a minimum time contract/commitment required?
YES. Minimum is 1 year.

Can I have Warez on my website?
No, If we find them in your directory or Links to them, your entire account will be subject to termination.

What if my site breaks your Terms of Service?
Users' sites may be suspended for violations of policy, or if extreme, or second time offenders, sites may be cancelled. Each occurence is dealt with on a case by case basis, and we try to work things out with every client

Do I have to have a domain to have a web-hosting account?
Yes, you must provide us a domain name to have your hosting account setup.

Do you provide ssh/telnet access?
SSH access is not provided due to security reasons.

Do you offer custom plans?
Yes, we do offer custom plan. Please email our sales for a quotation.

Do you support FTP?
Yes we do offer ftp accounts

Do you offer ASP?
Our machines run Redhat Linux 7.3 and greater, to get the full benefits of ASP, Windows is required. At this stage we do not offer ASP, .NET or Windows hosting.

Do you host " adult" web sites, illegal software distribution sites, or collection-of-music sites?
We will not allowed clients to host any web site that in our estimation contains pornographic content or material that violates U.S. copyright law. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to decline to host or to cease hosting any objectionable web site.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can make changes to my web site?
We do not place any limits on how often or when you can update your site. Your server is available to you 24/7 for you to update through FTP. There is no charge for making changes to your web site.

Do you have any hidden charges?
No. Our prices are genuine, the prices you see are the prices you pay

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